Is there a maximum grant amount?

Do applicants receive exactly the amount stated in the application?
The foundation grants the amount it considers appropriate.

Does the foundation support artists’ creative activity?
No, the foundation does not support artists’ creative activity.

How is the applicant notified of the outcome?
Once the board has reached a decision about the application, the applicant will receive a reply via the New Carlsberg Foundation’s application system. If the application is approved, the subsequent handling of the case also takes place via the application system. No explanation is provided if an application is declined.

How soon can the applicant expect a reply?
Normally, it takes less than a month from the application has been received until a reply is communicated.

Is it possible to obtain funding retroactively?
It is not a requirement that the project has not been initiated. However, completed projects will not be considered.

Is it possible to obtain partial funding for a project?
Yes, it will be helpful if the application states how big a share of the total budget the application pertains to.  

Is partial self-funding a requirement?

When is the grant amount made payable?
In connection with publications, the grant is not made payable until the book is printed. Funding for research trips is paid out before the trip begins. For other types of projects, a specific agreement is drawn up. 

What about taxes?
The foundation reports all grants to the Danish tax administration, SKAT, for the CPR/CVR number stated in the application.

Is it possible to submit an application in English?

Is it possible to obtain funding for individual trips/stays abroad in connection for education purposes?

Why may the applicant not pre-select the artist for a decorative project?
The foundation’s board has a professional art background and reserves the right to play an active, constructive role in the collaborative project from the outset.