To mark the birthday of brewer Carl Jacobsen, the founder of the New Carlsberg Foundation, on 2 March, the foundation annually hands out Danish art awards at a reception in the Assembly Hall at the Glyptotek.

With the art awards, the foundation celebrates individuals who make a special contribution to the Danish art and museum world. An award momentarily translates many years of hard and persistent effort into an event, here and now.

The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Award Event is an annual celebration of the Danish art scene. Appreciating and highlighting the achievements of artists and museum professionals over time benefits the Danish art scene at large, and the award events are thus a natural aspect of the Foundation’s work.

This year’s award recipients are:

Gertrud Oelsner
Carl Jacobsens Museumsmandslegat på kr. 200.000

Nina Beier
Ny Carlsbergfondets Kunstnerlegat på kr. 200.000

Kathrine Ærtebjerg
Ny Carlsbergfondets Kunstnerlegat på kr. 200.000

Kjeld Kjeldsen
Ny Carlsbergfondets Hæderslegat på kr. 300.000

Award recipients from previous years:

The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Artist Grant 

Carl Jacobsen’s Museum Professional Grant

The New Carlsberg Foundation's Honorary Grant