Create and submit application in the New Carlsberg Foundation’s online application system


Create profile

First, create a profile or use an existing login. The applicant will receive a reply via the New Carlsberg Foundation’s application system.

Application process

Follow the simple application process. Provide contact information, project and budget information and upload any relevant documents into the application form. You can save the application as a draft and return to it before submitting it.

What should an application include?

As a minimum, the application with supplementary documents should include:

  • Contact information for the applicant(s).
  • A comprehensive presentation of the purpose to which the application pertains.
  • A complete project budget.
  • A specification of what is requested from the New Carlsberg Foundation.
  • Information about any other foundations the applicant has applied to for the same purpose.
  • For publications, a publisher’s estimate and a marketing plan.
  • Approved consent form for the board to consider your application (will be approved online).

Data protection policy

Your privacy is important to the New Carlsberg Foundation. To safeguard your privacy we have established the following policy for how the New Carlsberg Foundation (‘we’ or ‘us’) handles your personal data.

The New Carlsberg Foundation's Privacy Policy

Consent for processing of your application