A characteristic HuskMitNavn figure is seen scaling a large concrete wall at Espergærde Gymnasium og HF. With his tongue is hanging out and his gaze fixed firmly on the graduation cap that is just within climbing reach, the image captures a relatable aspect of student life. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The graduation cap is waiting after a long, challenging climb.


This painting is one of a series of fourteen that adorn the walls, stairwells and corridors at Espergærde Gymnasium og HF. It suggests that the struggle for good marks and the coveted graduation cap is just one aspect of this three-year programme. In this and the other thirteen murals, HuskMitNavn highlights student life with all its fun, unplanned aspects – student life as it is lived during the climb.


In process with HuskMitNavn

The artist behind the murals always appears under his artist’s name, HuskMitNavn (literally: RememberMyName). True to his background as a graffiti artist, he usually creates his murals after hours when the buildings he works in are empty. However, his project at Espergærde Gymnasium og HF has not always followed this pattern. In this case, the students could watch HuskMitNavn at work and chat with him, and he, in turn, could draw inspiration directly from student life as it unfolds today.


Several students also offered suggestions for artworks, and thus, the final pieces differ from the artist’s original sketches. This means the decoration was created specifically for and in dialogue with the students at Espergærde Gymnasium og HF.


Playful and humorous images

HuskMitNavn titled the suite Gymnasieliv (literally: Upper Secondary School Life). He hopes that current and future students will see their own student experience reflected in the murals. The paintings show a student who is stressing about an exam, another who is head over heels in love, an extrovert and an introvert student, a gregarious party-goer and many other individuals and communities. 


HuskMitNavn create the images specifically for the setting and placed them strategically throughout the school as a series of colourful waypoints.


About HuskMitNavn

HuskMitNavn (b. 1975) is an anonymous visual artist who has his roots in street art. For several years, he was an active graffiti artist in the urban space. Later, HuskMitNavn has met with broad recognition, and in recent years, he has exhibited widely in museums and galleries in Denmark and abroad.