1842 Carl Jacobsen is born on 2 March

1862 Trip to Italy together with J.C. Jacobsen

1866-1870 Uninterrupted travels and stays abroad

1871 First brew at New Carlsberg

1874 Married Ottilia Stegmann

1877 A daughter, Theodora Jacobsen, is born

1879 The Albertina grant is founded

1880 A son, Alf Jacobsen, is born

1881 A daughter, Beatrice Jacobsen, is born

1882 The New Carlsberg Glyptotek is founded

1882 A son, Helge Jacobsen, is born

1883 The four New Carlsberg Grants are founded

1884 A son, Vagn Jacobsen, is born

1886 A son, Erland Jacobsen, is born

1886 Ten exhibition halls are added to the Glyptotek

1887 J. C. Jacobsen dies

1887 Erland Jacobsen dies

1887 Carl Jacobsen meets the archaeologist Wolfgang Helbig

1888 Deed of gift bestowing the New Carlsberg Glyptotek on the city of Copenhagen

1888 Beatrice Jacobsen dies

1888 A son, Thorvald Jacobsen, is born and dies later that year

1890 Alf Jacobsen dies

1890 A daughter, Paula Jacobsen, is born

1890 Danish Museum of Art & Design (now Designmuseum Danmark) is founded

1891 Jesuskirken (The Jesus Church) is inaugurated

1895 Five exhibition halls are added to the Glyptotek

1895 The Royal Cast Collection is founded

1897 The Glyptotek, designed by V. Dahlerup, opens at Dantes Plads

1902 The New Carlsberg Foundation is founded

1903 Ottilia Jacobsen dies

1906 Carl Jacobsen marries Lili v. Kohl

1906 H. Kampmann’s annex to the Glyptotek opens

1906 The Carlsberg Breweries merge

1909 The steeple on Nikolaj Church is inaugurated

1911 Laura Jacobsen, Carl Jacobsen’s mother, dies

1914 Carl Jacobsen dies

1931 Vagn Jacobsen dies

1946 Helge Jacobsen dies