Applications are individual. The application must document and provide a specific description of the applicant’s personal qualifications for conducting the project in question at a high professional level.


Relevant topics of research for individual projects include topics related to art history, art theory and art communication/interpretation in the broadest sense.


  • The applicant applies to foundation for project funding.
  • The application is in the form of a project proposal of max five standard pages.
  • The project proposal must be accompanied by a hosting commitment from an institution that will manage the fellowship.
  • The board of the New Carlsberg Foundation evaluates the submitted application and notifies the applicant of rejection or approval. The board may choose to subject the project proposal to external professional evaluation.


  • It is possible to apply for funding for projects of typically 3 to 12 months’ duration within the foundation’s scope of activities. Funding may include salary and/or other project expenses. 
  • Applicants must arrange attachment to an institution (museum, university or other) that will be responsible for managing the fellowship.
  • Applicants must document and clarify their specific qualifications for conducting the project at a high professional level. 

The application must include:

  • a project description and explanation of the project’s research relevance as well as a communication plan (book, exhibition or similar); this part may not exceed five standard pages
  • a professional CV of no more than two standard pages that documents the applicant’s qualifications for the project
  • a budget
  • a summary of the project description of no more than half a standard page
  • a timetable
  • a confirmation of attachment from the place of employment in question

A good application is expected to:  

  • consider the project’s relevance to society at large
  • describe the plan for communicating the project (book, seminar, exhibition or similar)
  • be well-structured and have a clear focus and goal 
  • have a strong theoretical and methodological basis  
  • demonstrate knowledge about existing research/communication within the field in Denmark and abroad
  • contribute to established art/culture history/theory, for example by providing new perspectives and/or expanding existing knowledge in original ways
  • account for the applicant’s knowledge of and experience with the topic in question
  • describe access to data, such as archives, interviews, works of art and so forth


  • Applicants must provide a budget for the expenses included in the application. If the budget includes funding for wages, the wage level must generally match the applicant’s current level in the collective agreement for employment in the public sector. 
  • An allocation of 10% of the total amount for the institution to cover overhead expenses, including administration costs for managing the funds.
  • The foundation will cover any documented additional costs due to maternity/paternity leave and sick leave.
  • Applications for salary replacement (‘frikøb’) of fellows who are already employed in positions with considerable, mandatory research privileges and obligations (for example university staff) will not normally be approved.