Along with the students and staff of Kulturskolerne, outside visitors are invited to explore the garden of this cultural education centre and relax in one of the seven niches, each offering a different perspective on the sculptures and the garden. Paths run through the sculpture garden, which is open to the public.

The garden features five bronzes: Bow and Arrow, Man Backwards on Horse, Adidas Boy Walking, Dancer and Moon.

‘I hope that the users of the garden will get the feeling that it has always just been there. That they are visiting something eternal; something that has taken shape in a natural encounter of culture and nature. Maybe they will get the impression that the sculptures have grown out of the ground in the same way as a blade of grass or a blossoming apple tree. In fact, I hope that the garden and the sculptures will become such an integrated part of the place that people forget it’s there and simply sense it at an unconscious level. That is my dream,’ says Tal R.

The garden at Kulturskolerne is about 300 square metres and is structured by green walls: different types of hedges that frame the visit and shelter the greenspace. The existing apple tree is complemented by three multi-stemmed crab apple trees with different colours and blossoms. The garden paths and recreational areas are paved with terracotta tiles, a sustainable product that gets more beautiful with use due to its production, high durability and natural properties.  

The sculpture garden is a donation from the New Carlsberg Foundation based on an application from Kulturskolerne in Gentofte.

About Tal R

Tal R (born Tal Shlomo Rosenzweig, 1967) is a Danish-Israeli visual artist and sculptor who lives and works in Copenhagen. He graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2000, and from 2005 to 2014, he was a professor at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. Tal R is especially known for his colourful paintings, which draw on the legacy of modernist art. His paintings often include features such as hills, stripes and glittering patterns. Tal R’s artistic practice includes a free and imaginative range of techniques and materials in drawings, sculptures, installation art and picture books. Tal R has held solo exhibitions and is featured in museum collections around the world and has received numerous honours, including the Eckersberg Medal (2005), the Carnegie Art Award (2002) and the New Carlsberg Foundation’s Artist Grant (2016).

About Kulturskolerne

Kulturskolerne in Gentofte include Gentofte Musikskole (Gentofte Music School) and Drama-, Billed- og Forfatterskolen (School of Drama, Visual Art and Creative Writing). Students attending Kulturskolerne are taught by trained artists. Kulturskolerne also hosts and provides tutors for Kulturpakkerne (the Culture Packages): a programme that provides art encounters for preschools and primary and lower secondary schools in Gentofte Municipality. Finally, Kulturskolerne are home to Kunstcubator (Artcubator): a talent development programme for young artists aged 15 to 25 years. On an annual basis, Kulturskolerne have 10,000 users.