The New Carlsberg Foundation supports original and visionary ideas for high-quality artistic projects that have a close affinity with the foundation’s charter.

For applications in this category, we recommend that the applicant contact the secretariat in advance for advice and guidance.

Applications that fall within one of the foundation’s other application categories cannot be submitted in this category.

Who can apply?

Museums, art centres, public and private institutions, companies, publishers and associations.

No support is provided for artists’ production of works, study trips and exhibitions.

Application deadline

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. For specific deadlines, see under ‘Deadlines and meetings’.

Application process

  1. An application for support is submitted through the foundation’s online application system.
  2. The New Carlsberg Foundation’s board assesses the applications received. The applications are either approved (yielding partial or full support) or declined.
  3. The applicant receives notification of the result through the foundation’s online application system. Expect a processing time of a few weeks after the board meeting.


The New Carlsberg Foundation puts emphasis on the following aspects:

  • the applicant must present a compelling argument, describing their vision behind the project for which support is sought.
  • the project must be anchored in the field of art and have contemporary relevance.
  • the purpose must fall outside the scope of the foundation’s other application categories.

What can be funded under this scheme?

Applicants can apply for support for high-quality projects within the field of art that are closely related to the foundation’s charter and which fall outside the scope of the foundation’s other application categories.

The application must contain:

  • A comprehensive project description that presents the purpose of the application and explains the relevance of the project, comprising no more than two standard pages of 2400 characters (with spaces) each.
  • A budget and financing plan, including information on any co-financing and other funding already applied for/granted (if applicable).
  • A clear financial specification of what the applicant hopes to receive from the New Carlsberg Foundation.
  • If applicable, a CV for the applicant(s) comprising no more than one standard page.
  • Any visual material and additional appendices must not exceed five pages.

Any additional material attached to the application will not be included in the assessment.

Further inquiries

For additional information, please contact the New Carlsberg Foundation’s secretariat at or (+45) 33 11 37 65.