The New Carlsberg Foundation generally welcomes the desire of grant recipients to announce the foundation’s support, either via the press or other channels (website, SoMe, newsletter and so forth). However, all external communication has to be coordinated with the Foundation’s communication staff.

Guidelines for public communication

If a grant from or collaboration with the New Carlsberg Foundation is the subject of communication materials, for example a press release, the following guidelines apply:

  • The timing of the announcement must be coordinated with the New Carlsberg Foundation.
  • The material must be approved ahead of time by the New Carlsberg Foundation.
  • The New Carlsberg Foundation may contribute with a statement to be included in the material, if the Foundation so wishes.

Advice and assistance

The New Carlsberg Foundation is happy to assist by offering guidance on planning and preparing external communication concerning support from the Foundation. We can also provide you with relevant press contacts. 

With prior approval, the logo of the New Carlsberg Foundation may be used as a way to highlight the Foundation’s support. Read more/download.

If you wish to include factual information about the New Carlsberg Foundation in your communication, please contact the Foundation’s communication staff or use the following description:

The New Carlsberg Foundation was established in 1902 by brewer Carl Jacobsen and is funded mainly by dividend from shares in Carlsberg A/S. Today, the Foundation continues the realize Jacobsen’s vision of promoting art in society and making it available to the widest possible audience.