As part of their responsibilities, members of the New Carlsberg Foundation’s play an active professional role in the foundation’s external work; in this regard, the board differs from a typical foundation board. For that reason, board members must have a professional or academic background in the arts, and historically, the body has been formally described as an executive board.

Among other individual tasks, the five board members of the New Carlsberg Foundation are thus responsible for curating the foundation’s decorative projects in the public space, purchasing art from galleries and other sources for the foundation’s collection and decorative projects and co-managing projects initiated by the foundation regarding publications, archival studies, art research and more.

In addition to these tasks, board members also handle more traditional responsibilities, including processing grant applications for art and art research and commencing foundation initiatives. These tasks are handled in ten annual one-day board meetings. The board alone processes all applications, and all application materials are presented directly to the board.

The chair of the New Carlsberg Foundation’s is in charge of the work of the board and, thus, the work of the foundation. The chairpersonship is defined as a full-time position, while the four general members of the board typically have additional employment, always within the arts.


The annual remuneration for board members is as follows:

Remuneration: DKK 1,659,876. Pension contribution: DKK 292,720. Total: DKK 1,952,596

General members
Remuneration: DKK 477,880. Pension contribution: DKK 0. Total: DKK 477,880