Le Bicolore is a platform for design, architecture and contemporary art. The content is produced specially for France and the francophone world. The platform offers a unique opportunity for Danish artists, designers, architects and others to present their work in the French capital and develop their network and international audience. Visit Le Bicolore.

New era for the House of Denmark

The name, Le Bicolore, is a reference to the French flag, Le Tricolore, and has connotations of both equality and difference. Through a targeted communication effort on the digital platform, the House of Denmark aims to bring its culture and art programme to an even bigger audience in France.

Counsellor of Press & Culture at the Danish Embassy and Artistic Director at the House of Denmark and Le Bicolore, Klaus Ib Jørgensen, says:

‘With our new identity as Le Bicolore, our new design and digital platform, we are taking the exhibition programme at the House of Denmark into a new era. Over the coming years, we will showcase artists grappling with the most urgent questions of our time and thus also put Danish values on display, at stake and to the debate.’

The exhibition programme

The first season of the exhibition programme begins on 3 February with the group exhibition ‘In a Slow Manner’, which shows pieces by 10 different textile artists. Later this year, the House of Denmark presents an exhibition by Mette Winckelmann titled ‘FLAGS OF FREEDOM’, Winckelmann’s first solo exhibition in France.

All exhibitions will be launched with a catalogue of digital publications containing videos, podcasts, virtual visits and articles.