Meanwhile in Denmark is a group exhibition presenting a broad selection of young Danish contemporary art. Ten artists/artist’s groups present widely different pieces, all of which respond to and take a critical look at our current times.

The exhibition presents works by AVPD, Jeannette Ehlers, Christian Falsnæs, Lise Harlev, Adam Jeppesen, Sophie Hjerl, Amalie Smith, Myne Søe-Pedersen, VinylTerrorHorror and Mette Winckelmann. Thus, it offers a diverse and exuberant look at what contemporary art has to offer and how the world can be understood and experienced through an artistic lens in emotional, cognitive or intellectual terms.

Body, sound, words

Although the participating artists defy easy categorization, their works in the exhibition revolve around four general themes, thus offering an overview and a sample of current trends.

Among other topics, the exhibition examines body and performativity through works by Jeannette Ehlers and Christian Falsnæs. A type of art that contains both a fleeting quality and an inherent sensuousness and continuous narrative.

Another theme is an artistic practice that challenges classical media such as sculpture and painting. Lise Harlev and the artist’s duo VinylTerrorHorror fashion sound and words in their work, each from their own unique narrative point of departure, in works that ultimately leave it up to the audience to interpret the meaning.

Materiality and digitization

Myne Søe-Pedersen, Adam Jeppesen, Mette Winckelmann and AVPD work in more traditional formats. They explore and challenge the substance of the materials to produce stories that are anchored in the matter that the work is manifested in; stories that in each case is best told in that particular material, that composition, that expression.

Last but not least, the exhibition highlights the constant flux of new media in this time of pervasive digitization. Pieces such as Amalie Smith’s Enter and Sophie Hjerl’s virtual-reality installation Peperit version 1.0 explore the future in a contemporary context through digital visions and sci-fi stories.

Meanwhile in Denmark

The exhibition is presented by Maison du Danemark in Paris at Galerie Odile Ouizeman from 6 November until 8 December 2019.

The exhibition catalogue is presented at Galerie MøllerWitt in Copenhagen on 4 December at 17.00.