Municipalities, hospitals, schools, folk high schools, universities and other institutions and organisations can apply for an art project to be placed in buildings, urban spaces or landscape settings where many can access and enjoy the art.

The art project may either take the form of a hang of existing art from the Ny Carlsberg Foundation’s holdings or of new art created for the specific location by a designated artist. The board of the New Carlsberg Foundation will decide on the basis of the application, whether the project in question is to be carried out as new, site-specific art project, or whether the foundation will donate works from the foundation’s own collection of art. However, applicants are welcome to indicate whether they have a particular preference for either one or the other type of art/donation.

The New Carlsberg Foundation actively participates in the development of all art projects for which a grant is awarded, and so the Foundation will also select the artist(s) involved. Please note that the foundation does not support projects where a specific artist or work of art has been selected in advance.

The New Carlsberg Foundation will organise, curate and fund the art project in collaboration with the applicant. The foundation will handle the project management, including drawing up contracts and financial management, and will set out guidelines for the project’s inauguration as well as for the communication and dissemination/education activities associated with the project. As a general rule, the applicant will not directly dispose of a cash grant issued by the foundation.

What can applicants apply for?

Applications can be made for the donation of art – either new, site-specific art or works from the Ny Carlsberg Foundation’s holdings – to be placed in buildings, urban spaces or landscape settings where many can access and enjoy the art.

Who can apply?

Danish institutions and organisations – such as schools, folk high schools and educational institutions, municipalities, public administrations and other public authorities.

Application deadline

There are four annual application deadlines. The next application deadline is 14 August 2024.

Application process

  1. Applications are submitted through the Ny Carlsberg Foundation’s online application system.
  2. The board of the New Carlsberg Foundation assesses the applications received. Provided that the application meets the listed criteria, the board may notify prospective applicants that the foundation is interested in supporting their project.
  3. The New Carlsberg Foundation visits the applicant and assesses the site’s suitability, including whether the location lends itself to a site-specific art project or to the installation of works from the foundation’s holdings.
  4. If the foundation then decides to proceed with the undertaking, one of two directions will be pursued:

    I. For a site-specific art project, the foundation will suggest an artist to carry out the task. Provided that the prospective recipient institution accepts this proposal, the artist is invited to prepare a sketch proposal. If the sketch proposal is approved by the foundation and the recipient institution, the art project will subsequently be realised.

    Please note that the process from the point where the foundation expresses interest in the applicant’s project until an approved sketch proposal is ready will, as a general rule, take 6 months or more. This time perspective is important – not least if the applicant wishes to have the relevant art project integrated into an ongoing building project with a specific construction schedule.

    II. If the project is to consist of a donation of works from the New Carlsberg Foundation’s holdings, the recipient institution will be presented with the curatorial framework applied by the foundation for the project, the works selected for the site and a strategy for their installation/hang. Upon approval, the hang is initiated.

We recommend that, prior to submitting your application, you familiarise yourself with the special conditions relating to the donation of art from the New Carlsberg Foundation. This applies, among other things, to the responsibilities of the recipient institution in connection with the transfer of the art, communication, operation and maintenance, etc. Read more about conditions for donations .


The New Carlsberg Foundation puts emphasis on the following aspects:

  • The place in which the prospective art project is to be located must be widely accessible.
  • The applicant offers a convincing argument describing the potential of having an art project in the given place, including for its users.
  • The applicant should express openness and willingness to engage in a dialogue with the foundation and with the appointed artist to nurture the kind of process required for a successful project.
  • The applicant is able to bear any costs for preparing the area where the art is to be installed, including any associated secondary construction works.
  • The applicant should not have chosen an artist in advance.

Please note that the foundation does not support projects where a specific artist or work of art has been selected in advance.

The application must contain:

  • A description of the place where the prospective art project is to be placed, and of the users of that place.
  • Pictures and/or visualisations of the place.
  • A description of the applicant/organisation behind the application
  • Documentation or account of any permits that have been/must be obtained prior to the completion of a potential art project.
  • A timetable for the implementation of the art project if the art is to be integrated into an ongoing building project.

Please note that the application with attachments must not exceed 15 pages in total.

Further inquiries

For additional information, please contact:
Head of Projects Trine Møller Madsen,, (+45) 31 15 57 88