Municipalities, institutions, schools, hospitals etc. can apply for an art project to adorn buildings, urban spaces and/or landscape settings with public access.

The art project can involve installing art works from the foundation’s holdings or be carried out as a new site-specific work. The board of the New Carlsberg Foundation will decide, on the basis of the application, in which of these two possible ways the project in question is best realised.

The New Carlsberg Foundation is actively involved in the development of all public art projects for which a grant is awarded, and so the foundation will select the works of art and/or the artist(s) who will create new works for the specific location. No support will be provided for projects where an artist has been designated in advance.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the requirements and conditions associated with the donation of art in public spaces prior to submitting your application. Read more about the terms and conditions for donations.

The application must contain:

  • A comprehensive proposal describing the institution/ location, the purpose of the art project, and intended outcome of the application.
  • An account of the project’s accessibility and future recipients/users
  • An account of the organisation behind the application.
  • If the completion of the project is time-sensitive, for example because it is associated with a construction project, a schedule must be included.
  • An account of funds applied for from other foundations, if any.