Based on Carl Jacobsen’s vision of presenting ‘living art for living people’, the New Carlsberg Foundation funds exhibitions that make art accessible to present-day audiences in an original and qualified manner, thus contributing to developing the sense of and appreciation for art in a broad demographic.

The New Carlsberg Foundation also regards the exhibition medium as important for the development of art and art history, supporting art’s constant striving for excellence. With the exhibition funding, the foundation wishes to support the efforts made by Danish museums, art centres and exhibition venues within this field.

The foundation will endeavour to have the range of funded projects reflect breadth and diversity in terms of artistic oeuvres and practices, media, curatorial perspectives, historic periods, geography, gender, art forms, etc.

The foundation believes in the importance of supporting exhibitions in many settings: at established institutions and among emerging art scene protagonists.

Who can apply?

Museums, art centres and non-commercial exhibition venues with a physical location.

Application deadline

Two annual application deadlines will be announced, one in spring and one in late summer. Applications are accepted from 27 May 2024 with deadline 21 June 2024 at 12, noon.

Application process

1. The museum/art centre/exhibition venue applies to the foundation for funding for the exhibition in question.

2. The board of the New Carlsberg Foundation assesses the applications received. Submissions are approved (partly or in full) or declined, and the applicants are notified of the result.


The New Carlsberg Foundation puts emphasis on the following aspects:

  • the exhibition should be original and of high quality.
  • the exhibition should address significant currents and issues in society in relevant ways.
  • the exhibition should take its starting point in Denmark while also applying a global outlook on art.
  • the exhibition should involve professional and passionate educational initiatives that makes art accessible, present and relevant to audiences.
  • any living artists involved must be remunerated for their contributions.

Costs eligible for funding

  • All expenses associated with the realisation of exhibitions, such as research and travel, artist fees, shipping, insurance, exhibition scenography, educational initiatives, communication, etc.
  • Costs for the production of works of art by Danish and foreign artists alike (provided that the artists are clearly given reasonable working conditions and that an agreement has been reached in advance regarding ownership, possible sale, etc.).
  • The New Carlsberg Foundation does not fund salaries for permanent employees.
  • Funding for exhibition catalogues should be applied for separately from the foundation’s publication grant.
  • The New Carlsberg Foundation does not support entire exhibition programmes
  • The same applicant/institution may only send one application pr. deadline.

The application must contain:

  • A project proposal of no more than two standard pages of 2,400 characters with spaces each. The proposal should:
    • address and relate to the above-mentioned criteria.
    • describe the exhibition’s concept, the artists and works selected and the intended educational approach.
    • account for the exhibition’s anchoring in the institution’s overall programme and profile, as well as its relationship to the institution’s collection, if applicable.
    • Expected duration and opening hours during the exhibition period.
  • A detailed exhibition budget indicating expenses for items such as artist fees, research and travel, shipping, insurance, exhibition scenography, educational initiatives, communication, etc.
  • A financing plan indicating any co-financing or other funding already applied for/granted (if applicable).
  • A CV of no more than one page for living artists featured in the exhibition.
  • A maximum of five pages with illustrations, closely related to the exhibition.

Additional material will not be considered in the assesment of the application. Applications that do not meet the application criteria above will be administratively declined.


When a project is completed, the applicant/institution must submit financial accounts and a short report providing information about the realised exhibition, its educational initiatives, and audience figures.

Further inquiries

For additional information, please contact the secretariat at, (+45) 33 11 37 65