The New Carlsberg Foundation wishes to contribute to a general strengthening of research within the field of art and of exchanges between Danish and foreign research environments within the field of art and art history.

To this end, support is provided for research trips relevant to the field of art, including participation in conferences and seminars abroad. Danish art academies’ joint study trips for academy students are also supported.

Who can apply?

Scholars working with art research can apply for support for research trips and participation in conferences abroad. The Danish art academies can apply for support for joint study trips for students at the Danish art academies working with visual arts. Applications for joint study trips must be submitted and administered by the academy’s administration.

No support is provided for artists’ research activities or for students’ individual travel and studies abroad. No support is provided for trips already undertaken.

Application deadline

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. For specific deadlines, see under ‘Deadlines and meetings’.

Application process

  1. An application for support is submitted through the foundation’s online application system.
  2. The New Carlsberg Foundation’s board assesses the applications received. The applications are either approved (yielding partial or full support) or declined.
  3. The applicant receives notification of the result through the foundation’s online application system. Expect a processing time of a few weeks after the board meeting.


The New Carlsberg Foundation puts emphasis on the following aspects:

  • The research or study trip must be relevant to the applicant's work or field of study.
  • The applicant must contribute a paper, presentation or lecture if applying for funding for conference participation.

What does the grant cover?

Travel and accommodation expenses; registration fees for conferences (if applicable).

The application must contain:

  • A brief project description accounting the relevance of the trip in relation to the applicant’s research, work or course of study, extending to a maximum of two standard pages (2,400 characters with spaces).
  • A CV for the applicant, extending to a maximum of one standard page. When applying for joint study trips undertaken by the Danish art academies, this can be omitted.
  • A budget and financing plan, including information on any co-financing and any funding already applied for/granted from other foundations, if applicable.
  • If applicable, include an agreement on the applicant’s contribution to a conference or other type of invitation.

Any additional material attached to the application will not be included in the assessment.

Further inquiries

For additional information, please contact the New Carlsberg Foundation’s secretariat at or (+45) 33 11 37 65.