By donating works of art, the New Carlsberg Foundation aims to promote awareness of and interest in art. Hence, a donation from the foundation is associated with certain terms and conditions to ensure that the artwork appears in a presentable and well-preserved state where it is shown to the public.

The recipient institution owns the work of art after receiving the donation. It is not permitted to sell the donated artwork.

Maintenance and insurance
The artwork must be inspected for acute signs of damage and wear at least once a year by the recipient institution’s art coordinator. If the institution has a large collection of art, it may be advantageous to make an arrangement with a conservator.

The recipient institution is responsible for maintaining the artwork and for the costs associated with repairing damage stemming from external circumstances, such as vandalism, theft, accidents and environmental impacts. It is therefore recommended that the institution insure the artwork.

The New Carlsberg Foundation carries out continuous audits of the works of art it has donated.

Contact the New Carlsberg Foundation
The New Carlsberg Foundation is always happy to assist with advice about upkeep, maintenance and loan. The recipient institution is obliged to contact the foundation in the following cases:

1. If it is necessary to alter the physical environment of the artwork in a way that affects its placement, for example in connection with relocation or renovation, the changes must be approved by the foundation before they are implemented.

2. If there are any changes to the original donation conditions, for example in the form of restructuring, name change, mergers and similar steps, the foundation must be informed of these changes.

3. If changes in the original state of the artwork are observed, the foundation must be notified. The extent of the damage will then be assessed.

4. A loan of the artwork requires prior approval from the foundation. The New Carlsberg Foundation generally encourages recipient institutions to accommodate loan requests from art museums and art centres. If the artwork is loaned to an exhibition, a loan agreement must be drawn up between the recipient institution (lender) and the exhibition venue (borrower).

Recall and return
A donated work of art is a gift to the recipient institution and thus cannot be returned or exchanged for another work of art. In extraordinary cases, the New Carlsberg Foundation may recall a donated work of art. This may occur under the following circumstances:

1. If the recipient institution has failed to maintain the donated work of art or to live up to the terms and conditions of the donation.

2. If changes are made to the physical environment, and the foundation no longer finds the setting to be suitable.

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