The book, Connectedness: An Incomplete Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene, presents an unusual collection of reflections on the time we live in. Among the contributors are Bruno Latour, Katherine Richardson, Donna Haraway, Astrida Neimanis, Rune Bosse, SUPERFLEX, Josefine Klougart and many others. Thus, the exhibition and the publication offer a variety of different perspectives and studies of the human condition during the anthropocene.


We are living in a new geological epoch. In this new era, the Anthropocene, human activities constitute a significant geological factor, and there is no boundary between humankind and nature. We need to develop a deeper awareness of the connectedness of everything. This mutual dependence is the topic of exploration both in the exhibition in Venice in 2021 and in the nearly 100 contributions in the book.

Fruitful diversity

From the vantage point of what connects us and what connects us to our environment, the book presents points of view, knowledge, statements and research from contributors representing a diverse range of backgrounds. This fruitful diversity includes philosophy, art, science, poetry and cultural theory, among other fields. The anthology encourages a holistic understanding of areas of expertise, professional fields and perspectives as we discuss our common future on this planet.

The book accompanies the exhibition ’con-nect-ed-ness’, which – along with the other events that make up the Architecture Biennale – has been postponed to spring 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic.