The New Carlsberg Foundation’s Exhibition Fund again invites applications for exhibition funding. The fund was established in 2023, when some 24 million kroner was handed out to support exhibitions in museums, art centres and non-commercial exhibition venues. The fund also accepts applications from art institutions abroad wishing to exhibit works by Danish artists.

Two annual funding rounds

In two annual funding rounds, the fund provides grants to support the efforts of professional exhibition organizers to develop and hold exhibitions.

With this fund, the New Carlsberg Foundation aims to help make art accessible to a wide audience and thus promote and satisfy the sense and desire for art. 

Focus on broad scope and diversity

The exhibition format is key to the development of art and art history. Therefore, the fund will place a special emphasis on supporting exhibition projects with a strong basis in the general programme, collections and identity of the individual exhibition venues.

The New Carlsberg Foundation further wishes to ensure that the awarded grants serve to promote a broad scope and diversity in terms of exhibition venues, gender, artistic practices, media and curatorial perspectives.

An important goal for the foundation is to support exhibitions in both established institutions and emerging venues at the periphery of the traditional art scene. Another core principle and goal of the New Carlsberg Foundation is to support projects that reflect the full scope and diversity of all aspects of the arts. 

The fund has two annual application rounds. The application deadline for the first round this year is 7 February 2024.

You can read more about the fund and application specifications here.

Support for Danish artists’ exhibition opportunities abroad 

The New Carlsberg Foundation also supports Danish artists’ exhibition opportunities outside Denmark by supporting ambitious and original exhibitions of Danish art in museums, art centres and exhibition venues abroad. This funding aims to contribute to the visibility of Danish artists abroad and to promote their artistic development and networks.

You can read more about the fund and application specifications here.