A small red house from a game of Monopoly that slowly sinks into a vast blue void, accompanied by the sound of a ticking clock. Per Arnoldi’s visual expression has always been precise, simple and universal. GLOBAL WARNING / GLOBAL WARMING, his artistic comment on global warming, is no exception.

‘Art is communication is art! If you address someone, your language should be clear and easy to understand. No one can communicate using big fancy words, mumbling or mystique. The little red house is in jeopardy, and the warning signal is loud and clear: a very simple symbol of security is drowning. Even a cry for help should be articulate,’ says Arnoldi.

Now, the World Economic Forum has invited the Danish artist to show his cinematic climate comment in selected locations during the global economic summit in Davos on 21–24 January.

New York – Copenhagen – Madrid – Davos

GLOBAL WARNING / GLOBAL WARMING premiered in electronic advertising spaces in New York in connection with the United Nations’ General Assembly in September 2019. On this occasion, the animation film and posters were seen by more than 17 million people. The following month, Arnoldi’s artistic climate warning was shown in Copenhagen during the C40 World Mayors summit, and in December, GLOBAL WARNING / GLOBAL WARMING was on display all over Madrid in extension of COP25.

The New Carlsberg Foundation supported the artistic development of the project, while JCDecaux, the world’s leading supplier of outdoor advertising space, has collaborated with the Danish artist in arranging the global showing.

Download and share!

By now, GLOBAL WARNING / GLOBAL WARMING has already achieved huge exposure, but with its clear and universal language, Arnoldi’s climate comment is relevant far outside global metropolitan settings. The Danish artist has therefore launched the website https://warningglobalwarming.com, where anyone can download and share the climate comment in a variety of formats.