Colourful total installations

Joachim Koester. Planeter og stier, 2021. Krogerup Højskole

Spatial qualities played and play an active role in the creation and experience of Astrid Marie Christiansen’s and Joachim Koester’s decorative projects at Krogerup Folk High School. While Christiansen conjures up a playful sweets garden in dialogue with the school’s modernist interior architecture, Koester’s photographs, solar system and paths on the linoleum floor of the lecture hall draw a cosmic mind map.


Et chamber of curiosities has opened at Bakkehuset

Den nye hjørnestue, Bakkehuset

Den nye hjørnestue (The New Corner Salon) by Morten Søndergaard is a chamber of curiosities to be explored. A room for meetings of minds and conversations about art, science and politics, just like the historical corner salon from the time when Kamma and Knud Lyne Rahbek lived in the house. The large total installation was created with support from the New Carlsberg Foundation.


Mirror pavilion for new hospital in Gødstrup

Kunstværk foran indgangen til Regionshospitalet Gødstrup

Olafur Eliasson’s installation Det lyttende spejl (The listening mirror) welcomes patients, relatives and staff to the newly opened Regional Hospital Gødstrup. The mirror pavilion offers a space for contemplation and highlights the viewer’s movements.


Vitalizing processes in Athens

Veo Friis Jespersen Nu, hvor ingenting er, hvad det var - om forvandlinger og eksistens

With Nu, hvor ingenting er, hvad det var – om forvandling og eksistens (Now that nothing is what it was: About transformation and existence) the Danish sculptor Veo Friis Jespersen has created a series of poetic reliefs for the courtyard garden of the Danish Institute at Athens. The decorative project was realized with support from the New Carlsberg Foundation.


BLOX – now with a giant slide

Carsten Höller. DAC Slide

When the Danish Architecture Center (DAC) recently reopened, it also revealed a sensational new installation, made possible by a donation from the New Carlsberg Foundation. In a bespoke commission for DAC, the internationally acclaimed artist Carsten Höller has created one of his intricate slides, spiralling four storeys down through the iconic BLOX building.


Monumental tapestries for the folk high school Løgumkloster Højskole

Maja Lisa Engelhardt. Årstid

After being shuttered for several years, Løgumkloster Højskole (Løgumkloster Folk High School) is once again ready to welcome students and staff. The lecture hall in the newly reopened school now features four large woven tapestries created by Maja Lisa Engelhardt with funding from the New Carlsberg Foundation. By the time the tapestries were completed, however, the school had to declare bankruptcy, and so the work of art has only recently been hung in its intended setting.


Parrots for the Danish Cultural Institute

Randi og Katrine Macaw crop

Works of art by leading contemporary artists have moved into the Danish Cultural Institute’s offices in central Copenhagen. The art infusion includes two human-size parrots that invite employees and visitors to reconsider the social situation in the meeting room.


Time on a large scale at the Western High Court in Viborg

Mogens Møller. TIMEGLASSET, 2019. Foto: Ole Misfeldt

A bronze hourglass weighing more than a ton and standing five metres tall now stands on the square in front the Western High Court in the city of Viborg. The huge sculpture was created by the visual artist Mogens Møller based on a donation from the New Carlsberg Foundation.