The New Carlsberg Foundation supports the publication of artists’ books to contribute to their artistic practice and development. Through artists’ books, art is made accessible and present to many, and general awareness and knowledge of the artists is strengthened.

The New Carlsberg Foundation endeavours to have its range of supported artists’ books reflect great breadth and diversity in terms of the artists represented, formats, perspectives, geography, gender, etc.

Who can apply?

Danish professional visual artists.

Application deadline

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis. For specific deadlines, see under ‘Deadlines and meetings’.

Application process

  1. An application for support is submitted through the foundation’s online application system.
  2. The New Carlsberg Foundation’s board assesses the applications received. The applications are either approved (yielding partial or full support) or declined.
  3. The applicant receives notification of the result through the foundation’s online application system. Expect a processing time of a few weeks after the board meeting.


The New Carlsberg Foundation puts emphasis on the following aspects:

  • the artist’s book is significant for the artist’s development.
  • the production is of high quality.

What does the grant cover?

All costs associated with the production and publication of the artist’s book. Any grant will only be paid out when the publication has been published.

The application must contain:

  • A description extending to a maximum of two standard pages of 2400 characters with spaces that explain the relevance and importance of the proposed artist’s book.
  • A table of contents of no more than one standard page of 2400 characters with spaces.
  • A CV for the artist extending to a maximum of one standard page of 2400 characters with spaces.
  • A budget and financing plan, including information on any co-financing and other funding already applied for/granted (if applicable).
  • Any visual material attached must not exceed 5 pages.


The foundation must receive two copies of the artist’s book once it is published, with the option to requisition additional copies. Any grant will only be paid out once the publication has been published and received by the New Carlsberg Foundation.

Further inquiries

For additional information, please contact the New Carlsberg Foundation’s secretariat at or (+45) 33 11 37 65.